Design Advice: How to find the best sized rug for your room

Creating a cohesive look throughout your home can often be a challenge, but don’t forget about area rugs.  Rugs are the finishing touches to your rooms to help anchor your furniture, coordinate your décor, and create defined spaces throughout your home.  Throughout Northern Virginia and the Washington DC suburbs you’ll find grand homes with open floor plans that often need some definition.  Area rugs are the perfect solution!

Choosing a rug’s design is the fun portion of this interior design task, but determining the right size can ensure your rug works for your desired space.  We’ve compiled a few tips to help you choose the best sized rug for your room.

Dining Room

*Leave at least 20 inches of rug around the table for chairs to pull back into

*Decorative borders help frame your furniture and are the most appealing

*Mimic your table's shape with the shape of your rug choice to create a distinctive look

Kids Rooms

*Make sure the rug extends at least 18 inches off either side of the bed

*Larger rugs are ideal for larger children’s rooms to extend under desks and seating areas

*For rooms with two beds, use large rugs to extend the whole room to help open it up

Living Room

*Nestle a smaller rug into the “L” of a seating set or a sectional (this is best for contemporary design)

*Ideally about 1 foot of flooring should show between the rug and the wall

*Larger rugs actually make a room feel larger

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